Friday, April 3, 2009


adidas meeting on wednesday. new jacks' introduction, new training teams, and i cut ass on danny's hair. amusing. i'm definitely getting more hours, and that's always a plus.

i took the bus with mommy this morning. she had me dying laughing on the street alone. her ass went flying down the block, running for a bus--that wasn't in service. i just had to sit there and laugh. of course, her being my mother, she had something slick to say.

bianca and ciara. when i say ride of ries, these bitches are my prime examples. friends for damn near sixteen years, when we wore those hideous burgundy uniforms at ebenezer elementary. we go back to the days before i was wearing palazzo jumpsuits with floral prints and denim vests to all the birthday parties. we definitely got into it tonight, but as all friendships should, we got past it. i rarely see these girls, but i have no idea what i'd do if i didn't have them in my life. we're all pretty busy [i think i'm the busiest], but girls night twice a month should do us well for another sixteen years.

so i have a boyfriend. the first serious boyfriend since robbie's faggot ass. michael. now people are definitely wondering where the fuck he came from, but believe it or not, he's definitely been around for a while. mid-october, maybe? right after naquan. he was definitely the under-dog in my cluster. after naquan, sidney came and left, and mike's still going strong. another one passed through, and that was short-lived because of mike--of course, he didn't know he shut that down. so yea, michael; we'll see how things go. i'm getting a good feeling about this one. we celebrated his brithday last night. calamari and drinks at that little mexican lounge on livingston street, followed by watching i love you, man, tipsy as shit. we tried this caribbean banana split type dish: platanos, ice cream, rice pudding, chocolate syrup, and nuts. somewhat nasty, somewhat not--all depending on what part you're eating it from. but it was fun. our first birthday together. we're cute. before my meeting at wednesday, he bought us red velvet cake and we cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons. i swear, i couldn't be happier.

another shot from the shoot with slinky:

i'm shooting with my wifey, nakeya, this weekend for her birthday exhibit--the dope girl project . i love this girl and her work is absolutely amazing. i'm excited, and i miss her so much.

spring break next week! girls gone wild? highly unlikely. i'm spending some time with mike, of course, but i'm mostly working. i changed my availability for that week. i definitely need that break from school. senioritis has definitely kicked in. i barely go to my physics class, and trig is the most confusing piece of shit in the world. i took my senior pictures, due to another arrangement with my mother: since i'm not going to graduation, i have to do the sitting. thornton studios did them; they did my high school pictures, too. i like their work, so i did it.

i'm starving. i have so much to do. i need to go to sleep, but i'm too busy watching CSI. i need to pick up the disc with the pictured from the marl garrison shoot, followed by tons of EcoEnvy shit. isn't it great to be me?

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