Monday, April 13, 2009


"there’s a shared identity based on gender that link women near and far to one another. there are however, different factors that break the commonality amongst us; from hair and skin color, to weight and body shape, from sexuality and religion, to age and location; it is this breakage that makes us DOPE.“The Dope Girl Project” calls on 20 very different women to visually explore the breaks in linkages. at the same time it celebrates the individuality and independence of the different women whom each possess her own unique qualities from her talents, to her style, from her appearance, to her aspirations."
nakeya's birthday exhibit! i'm so excited for it and honored to be part of it. i spent the day with her on friday, shooting and just hanging out. i haven't seen her since our last shoot in december, so we had a lot of catching up to do. we roamed for hours and hit the museum, ate pizza, craved sushi, and hit the spa to see mike. i can't wait until she moves to brooklyn =]

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assataSAYS said...

heyyyyy.... i didn't know you were blogging! i like this though! and i'm glad you posted this event for tomorrow.