Wednesday, December 31, 2008


so 2008 has definitely been an interesting year. a lot of people have come in and out of my life. to the select few being mentioned in the post, thank you for being you. good or bad, here they are:

naica. we go thru the motions, but i love you all the same.

dominique. you'll always be my little sister.

el. the roller coaster that is our friendship; it is what it is, and we've accepted it. my shopping buddy and fellow shit talker, because costa rica is definitely next to haiti.

christina. you're an amzing person and our friendship means the world to me.

robbie. the heart break king. for every lie you've told and every promise you've broken, thank you for subliminally showing me i need to be more careful with my heart. i swear, the only good you have in you is that little boy. honestly, i hope zion turns out to be nothing like you.

jamila. it's about to hit a year since we met. i heart you. you're an amazing girl, and you know that.

cory b. i love you! you're such a fucking star. who the hell would've thought working at adidas would lead to us being biffs.

music. i told you i wouldn't be bitter, and i'm not. i'm content with the way things ended up, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

kay. i still want to kill you.

shanice. one of my dearest friends. you're proof that friendships can last after high school.

mikey. jack and karen for ever!

sarah. if i get another one of your apologies, i definitely wouldn't be surprised. if this lasts another five or six months, you've broken your record.

naquan. there's literally no need to say anything more about you, since you've been in damn near every post since we've started dating. you mean so much to me, and i want nothing more than for things to get better between us.
the last post of the year. happy 2009!


'09 = my new found sense of selfishness. i'm giving more of a fuck about me, and less of a fuck about you. it's nothing personal. well, yes, it is.

i made rice! being alone is really forcing me to try new things. i was so excited it didn't end up like soup.

i need to get up and start the new years beauty regimen.
bed stuy bound?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i'm at a shoot in staten island, and they're doing a change, so i'm takinng this time to spill out some random thoughts . . .

tattoo for '09. definitely. for my birthday? during the summer with carlene? drag naquan along some other time? who knows, who cares; it's just happening.

surprisingly, i got called in for my on call yesterday. unbe-freaking-lievable. oh well--more for the check.

i really need to take better care of my hair. put less heat in it, do something different. i'm really loving this mixed chicks business. after my last wash and set, i'm itching to curl it again. i'm shooting with a new photographer on thursday, and he just so happens to love the curls, so maybe tonight, i'll wash it again.

ice skating with naquan tomorrow. hopefully. he's been at the house a lot since the parentals are gone, which i love. it's giving me more domestication experience. i cooked dinner [for myself] on christmas eve, and he ate, and when he came by sunday night, we went to arch for a late dinner, but he got an amazing breakfast the next day: pancakes and bacon. no one can ever say i don't take care of my man.

gotta potty. i need to head back to brooklyn. asap . . .

Monday, December 29, 2008


day one hundred forty

breakfast for two; i'm such a house wife.


day one hundred thirty nine

living alone means you can sleep anywhere you want.

sidebar: my couch is strangely comfortable.


day one hundred thirty eight

mac and cheese and fried shrimp.

being on your own forces you to do things, like cook all the time.


so i need to elaborate on #235. yes el, those kids are fly as fuck. that's my point. kid's are big ass toys to me. in fashion merchandising, there was something in the book about children being dressed like little adults, and how it's a psychological thing. like, don't think i won't have a little 3 year old and put her in leggings, uggs, a tank, and a pashmina.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


this is why i shouldn't have kids . .


day one hundred thirty seven

another day with my darling hermanita.


day one hundred thirty six

my fraggle's first christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


so merry christmas people.this may be a long one. i catch myself putting off entries for a few days. sorry.

thursday: mommy and daddy left. i was hella excited for a few seconds, but i miss them. spending christmas without them is slightly depressing. they left after 4am and i couldn't go back to sleep. i stayed up until 6am, watching a real chance at love. amusing, i must say. that afternoon, naica and i hit up room service--her treat. shrimp pad see eew is the most amazing thing in the world.naica found a hair in her rice. hilarious. then we went lingerie shopping, then grocery shopping. i cooked an amazing diner for naquan. we ate, i had a few glasses of cabernet, and had the most amazing night.

friday: we woke up, i made breakfast, then sent him off to work. housewife-ish? i shot with slinky at keith major's studio. freaking great. that's all i can say.

i did some shopping with naica and rano that night, then spent the rest of the night at home.

saturday: work, then the nippy lavern show at temptations. the most ghetto thing in the world. we'll have jokes for years.

sunday: i finally got my hair done! the poor little dominican lady shampooing my hair; oh how i felt her pain. i've never sat in that shampoo chair for so long. after that, i did some more shopping in the city, then met up with el to do even more shopping. dinner at silver spurs, then headed home. i got some shit together and headed to sasha's to study.

monday: more studying and i finally finished my supervision paper. sasha came over that night to finish hers.

tuesday: finals are done! that's all i have to say about that. i don't even want to think about the spring. i spent the night with my hunny--the only person i'd want to be with after a long ass semester.

wednesday: he bought my breakfast. pancakes and bacon and coffee--light and sweet. he went to his cousin's and i did some shopping--mainly for him. all marc jacobs: a black leather key loop, a leather snap bracelet with a metal place that reads "for you. forever" in latin, and a sleek black waller with a dollar in it, and on the dollar, i wrote "all i want for christmas is you." yes, i'm amazing, i know.

so today: parlaying with my hermanita. no parents, roxanne's pissing me off, and naquan's with his mother and her boyfriend. he hates it, and i was hoping to spend christmas with him, but being with him last night and seeing the look on his face when he got his gifts was more than i could've asked for. pics coming . .


day one hundred thirty five

christmas eve wasn't so bad after all =]


day one hundred thirty four

spending the night with my boxer is the only thing i'd want to do after a long ass semester.


day one hundred thirty three

cosmo; unwinding before my last two finals.


day one hundred thirty two

sva bound bitches!


day one hundred thirty one

nippy lavern does ghetto ass temptations.

Monday, December 22, 2008


i'm doing this damn ethics paper and i think i want red nail polish . .

Sunday, December 21, 2008


day one hundred thirty

shopping with rano the kappa.


this is why i love being a new yorker.


day one hundred twenty nine

they're making me a loner for two weeks. barbados, here they come.

*double pics because daddy was so excited to leave and mommy was rushing to finish getting ready, so they were never together.


day one hundred twenty eight

i like his kicks ::wink::


day one hundred twenty seven

fucking snow balls fell out of the sky.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


another from emi =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i painted my nails white!

Monday, December 15, 2008


day one hundred twenty six

butter crunch cookies remind me of my childhood.


day one hundred twenty five

you'd think after dancing all night at practice, i'd be knocked out at home.

nope--studying for this african art final. again.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


this is a quickie. i really need to get back to studying...

hAPPY biRfDAY miLLzie..

i painted my nails black. i've been doing the naked nails thing for some time for shoots, but the black is back.

emi sent me a few pics from the shoot. i swear i'd fuck myself if i could. they're amazing.

i finally heard that my president is black song at the AKA show. i know i'm late. i just never got around to downloading it. for as long as i can remember, there's been talk about mrs. michelle obama and her wardrobe. she's pretty damn fly for a first lady. the inaugural ball is about a month away, and every designer was in on it. someone put me on to these:

badgley mischka

diane von furstenberg

michael kors

nicole miller

peter som

tracey reese


betsey johnson


marc jacobs

isaac mizrahi
christian lacroix

bonnie toung surely added some flare for little sasha and malia:

finals. shoot me.
  • intro to art of africa on tuesday december 16th
  • fashion merchandising planning and control on december 17th
  • fashion merchandising on december 23rd
  • principles of supervision on december 23rd

you'd think i'd be taking a vacation after all of this, but no. i have to work on my portfolio for pratt and sva, friday meetings for the eco envy show, shoots with slinky, el, and who ever else i book, and of course, work.

my parents are leaving on thursday; barbados for two weeks. happy anniversary to them. naquan's coming over that night--and only that night. thanks the fuck a lot, roxanne. my darling cousin decides to stay at my house this time, when every other time she's come up to new york, she's been at her mother's. fuckery. pure fuckery.

nippy lavern show at temptations on saturday. ghetto as hell? maybe, but it will be the most entertaining aspect of my life right about now. this is when the yo-yo diet starts.

back to studying...