Saturday, December 13, 2008


this is a quickie. i really need to get back to studying...

hAPPY biRfDAY miLLzie..

i painted my nails black. i've been doing the naked nails thing for some time for shoots, but the black is back.

emi sent me a few pics from the shoot. i swear i'd fuck myself if i could. they're amazing.

i finally heard that my president is black song at the AKA show. i know i'm late. i just never got around to downloading it. for as long as i can remember, there's been talk about mrs. michelle obama and her wardrobe. she's pretty damn fly for a first lady. the inaugural ball is about a month away, and every designer was in on it. someone put me on to these:

badgley mischka

diane von furstenberg

michael kors

nicole miller

peter som

tracey reese


betsey johnson


marc jacobs

isaac mizrahi
christian lacroix

bonnie toung surely added some flare for little sasha and malia:

finals. shoot me.
  • intro to art of africa on tuesday december 16th
  • fashion merchandising planning and control on december 17th
  • fashion merchandising on december 23rd
  • principles of supervision on december 23rd

you'd think i'd be taking a vacation after all of this, but no. i have to work on my portfolio for pratt and sva, friday meetings for the eco envy show, shoots with slinky, el, and who ever else i book, and of course, work.

my parents are leaving on thursday; barbados for two weeks. happy anniversary to them. naquan's coming over that night--and only that night. thanks the fuck a lot, roxanne. my darling cousin decides to stay at my house this time, when every other time she's come up to new york, she's been at her mother's. fuckery. pure fuckery.

nippy lavern show at temptations on saturday. ghetto as hell? maybe, but it will be the most entertaining aspect of my life right about now. this is when the yo-yo diet starts.

back to studying...

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