Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i'm at a shoot in staten island, and they're doing a change, so i'm takinng this time to spill out some random thoughts . . .

tattoo for '09. definitely. for my birthday? during the summer with carlene? drag naquan along some other time? who knows, who cares; it's just happening.

surprisingly, i got called in for my on call yesterday. unbe-freaking-lievable. oh well--more for the check.

i really need to take better care of my hair. put less heat in it, do something different. i'm really loving this mixed chicks business. after my last wash and set, i'm itching to curl it again. i'm shooting with a new photographer on thursday, and he just so happens to love the curls, so maybe tonight, i'll wash it again.

ice skating with naquan tomorrow. hopefully. he's been at the house a lot since the parentals are gone, which i love. it's giving me more domestication experience. i cooked dinner [for myself] on christmas eve, and he ate, and when he came by sunday night, we went to arch for a late dinner, but he got an amazing breakfast the next day: pancakes and bacon. no one can ever say i don't take care of my man.

gotta potty. i need to head back to brooklyn. asap . . .

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