Sunday, December 7, 2008


a weekend filled with modeling is never a bad weekend in my book.

yesterday i shot with emi robinson at FIT. she's such a sweet heart. so was the makeup artist. they definitely work at that new lingerie boutique next door to psny, kaori's closet. japanese people make everything fun.

this morning, bright and early, i met my darling nakeya, along with rosie and nicole. amazing shoot, i must say. we had the studio at MUD [make up designory], then we did a set outside. after nearly catching pneumonia from wearing a tank top in thirty seven degree weather, we wandered around finding food. first stop was ben's pizza on spring street, then ruben's empanadas on watt street. honestly, we really wanted that pizza, but the only things keeping us back were the crowds and lack of seating. we ended up at this little over-priced deli thing on broome and broadway. i definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but we had a blast together. here's a peep show of the series [courtesy of my stealing from nakeya]:

nippy lavern for AKA.
it was so much fun. we acted a fool, but we looked great. i worked the shit out of that bikini. jessica got a few orders because of it. i guess it was the booty =] some guy tried to get my number after the show--go to hell.sely didn't make it because her ride flopped. she was pissed. she was dressed and waiting, and got her hair done, but her boyfriend never came. naica got there too late and the show was sold out. i love them for trying. it's all good. there's always december 20th, when we do it all over again at temptations. i'll definitely need naquan at that one.
most memorable moment: the dj fucked up our music. but don't get it twisted, we surly worked it. what do black people do when there's no music? "no music clap clap-clap clap"
after the show, i headed to starbucks to see my boo. we raided their stash and brought home two bags of sandwiches and other shit. i'm laying in bed, eating my turkey club, as we speak. so today was a great day, aside from fighting with mother dearest and not seeing naquan for as long as i wanted to. sometimes, my life isn't so bad . . .

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