Thursday, December 25, 2008


so merry christmas people.this may be a long one. i catch myself putting off entries for a few days. sorry.

thursday: mommy and daddy left. i was hella excited for a few seconds, but i miss them. spending christmas without them is slightly depressing. they left after 4am and i couldn't go back to sleep. i stayed up until 6am, watching a real chance at love. amusing, i must say. that afternoon, naica and i hit up room service--her treat. shrimp pad see eew is the most amazing thing in the world.naica found a hair in her rice. hilarious. then we went lingerie shopping, then grocery shopping. i cooked an amazing diner for naquan. we ate, i had a few glasses of cabernet, and had the most amazing night.

friday: we woke up, i made breakfast, then sent him off to work. housewife-ish? i shot with slinky at keith major's studio. freaking great. that's all i can say.

i did some shopping with naica and rano that night, then spent the rest of the night at home.

saturday: work, then the nippy lavern show at temptations. the most ghetto thing in the world. we'll have jokes for years.

sunday: i finally got my hair done! the poor little dominican lady shampooing my hair; oh how i felt her pain. i've never sat in that shampoo chair for so long. after that, i did some more shopping in the city, then met up with el to do even more shopping. dinner at silver spurs, then headed home. i got some shit together and headed to sasha's to study.

monday: more studying and i finally finished my supervision paper. sasha came over that night to finish hers.

tuesday: finals are done! that's all i have to say about that. i don't even want to think about the spring. i spent the night with my hunny--the only person i'd want to be with after a long ass semester.

wednesday: he bought my breakfast. pancakes and bacon and coffee--light and sweet. he went to his cousin's and i did some shopping--mainly for him. all marc jacobs: a black leather key loop, a leather snap bracelet with a metal place that reads "for you. forever" in latin, and a sleek black waller with a dollar in it, and on the dollar, i wrote "all i want for christmas is you." yes, i'm amazing, i know.

so today: parlaying with my hermanita. no parents, roxanne's pissing me off, and naquan's with his mother and her boyfriend. he hates it, and i was hoping to spend christmas with him, but being with him last night and seeing the look on his face when he got his gifts was more than i could've asked for. pics coming . .

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