Wednesday, December 31, 2008


so 2008 has definitely been an interesting year. a lot of people have come in and out of my life. to the select few being mentioned in the post, thank you for being you. good or bad, here they are:

naica. we go thru the motions, but i love you all the same.

dominique. you'll always be my little sister.

el. the roller coaster that is our friendship; it is what it is, and we've accepted it. my shopping buddy and fellow shit talker, because costa rica is definitely next to haiti.

christina. you're an amzing person and our friendship means the world to me.

robbie. the heart break king. for every lie you've told and every promise you've broken, thank you for subliminally showing me i need to be more careful with my heart. i swear, the only good you have in you is that little boy. honestly, i hope zion turns out to be nothing like you.

jamila. it's about to hit a year since we met. i heart you. you're an amazing girl, and you know that.

cory b. i love you! you're such a fucking star. who the hell would've thought working at adidas would lead to us being biffs.

music. i told you i wouldn't be bitter, and i'm not. i'm content with the way things ended up, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

kay. i still want to kill you.

shanice. one of my dearest friends. you're proof that friendships can last after high school.

mikey. jack and karen for ever!

sarah. if i get another one of your apologies, i definitely wouldn't be surprised. if this lasts another five or six months, you've broken your record.

naquan. there's literally no need to say anything more about you, since you've been in damn near every post since we've started dating. you mean so much to me, and i want nothing more than for things to get better between us.
the last post of the year. happy 2009!



that is my response to your absolute stupidity. dnt play yourself ava. i made no effort to speak of or to u since i stopped talking to u -- and i definitely didnt stoop to ur level cuz ur not worth hating. u dont even merit indifference. but i wasnt about to sit there and let u talk smack on ur blog. as i stated to the point of redundance on my post -- i am in no way shape or form apologizing to you.

el, the high low life. said...

two words: go hard.
LMAO -- 4 days after the fact.


no actually i posted that blog the same day but i figured that she didnt see it so. yea. but thats whatever i said my piece. ava knows what it is.

el, the high low life. said...

I don't get it.

You don't fuck w. us,
so why would we be on your blog?

That lil' shit you wrote about me -- you coulda just unblocked me & said it to me & then blocked me again (since you feel that I'm dying to talk to you & need to blocked lol) -- & kept it moving.