Monday, November 10, 2008


ok i'm back. i've been putting this off for eons. so much happened, i have no clue where to start. i'm about to seriously backtrack in no particular order.

midterms are done.

c - fashion merchandising and control
65 - fashion merchandising
68 - african art history

on my defense, these shits were hard as hell. for fashion merchandising, the highest grade was a 73. for african art history, professor wilson said everyone did poorly, but the essays were good. fashion merchandising and control, my calculations were completely off, since we weren't allowed to use a damn calculator. i'm waiting for one more grade. if i make it to class tomorrow, i'll get it.

a pic from the shoot with carl.

i'm shooting with patt thomas tomorrow afternoon. mikey's coming with me. this girl in class called us jack and karen. we definitely are. i heart him to pieces.

sick as always. it seems like it's always something with me, when it really is only one thing. millz said i need to stop using the word "flare" in reference to my fibro because it sounds like it's some crazy shit. that was hilarious. i miss her.

my dominique came home for a weekend! she met naquan, and she approves. yay! we went to stand [he paid for dinner before he had to meet his cousins] then we walked around union square, as usual.

halloween, my goodness. joan's face was blue and jason was lil' wayne with the painted face, drawn tattoos, and dreaded wig. nat's costume changed a million times, and by the time i got there, she was wearing gold panties? chris was supposed to be cat woman, but the country's in a recession. but i must say, the dasslers do go in.

zie's coming back to the east coast from holly-hood in a few weeks! i miss my little white chocolate cunt cake. she's been gone since march? april? something like that. she has a tattoo appointment: upside-down hearts on the back of her calves, so they're rightside-up when her legs are up in the air. my little fresh ass. i'm thinking about going with her. tattooing my ear? maybe?

thought: if you and a certain someone are "prospects" to one another, but to anyone on the outside looking in, you seem to be in a relationship, is that a just cause to proceed?

started planning dorian and clark's wedding. i have less than a year, and this is my first destination wedding. i also have to finish sasha's twenty first birthday party.

exhibit next weekend. super excited. mikey helped with my outfit =]

i love the poeple in my life. some of you guys, we only talk once in a blue, but i do appreciate your presence. muah . .

i don't have anything of much consequence to discuss, probably because i've procrastinated for so long. until next time . . .

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