Friday, November 28, 2008


happy turkey day! [imagine i said it yesterday]

i spent the holiday at my sister's new condo in staten island. carlene and my little stinky, valerie, cooked the whole dinner. i was starving, and had to wait for her new boyfriend to get there. larry. not my taste, but he's cool. he's a loyal adidas patron. sparky was a pain in my ass for a while, but he's sparky. [damn dog.]

there were no mashed potatoes--highly upsetting--but i threw down on that turkey and vegetable lasagna. val made a broccoli and spinach quiche, which turned out pretty good. my aunt's pumpkin pie definitely hit the spot. i packed up my tupperwear and it's waiting for me in the fridge.

so i'm still in staten island. i'm on the couch, eating left overs for breakfast, and i've decided i'm calling out from work. my fibro went on the fritz last night and i know i can't make it through the day running behind tourists. i'll just take the lost on the money.

yesterday was mommy's birthday. fifty one. after my shift got cut [thanks, danny] i hit crumbs and got her four extra big ass cupcakes: snickers, devil dog, caramel apple, and cosmo. she enjoyed her bouquet of colorful roses, too.

so in a matter of about a week and a half after the exhibit, i've conversed with travis and karla about four times--collectively. am i in the wrong? definitely not--but ask if i care. they hurt me, so i have every right to be pissed as hell. karla called me out on being bitter and annoyed. c'est la vie.

chinchilla and i knocked out my whole powerpoint presentation for my african art class in a night. i swear, i love her to death. she met me at starbucks after winston's class then we relocated to her place. [i got sasha to sign me in for chime's class.] we ended up driving around, taking winter to school and whatnot for about an hour, so we didn't get back to work until about ten. i definitely got home at 3a.m.

i'm getting my lazy ass up. i'll finish later . .

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