Sunday, November 30, 2008


i went to see bolt on friday with carlene, val, and larry. literally, that movie has way too much concept for a kid's flick. even carlene said we should have seen madagascar.

so i've been thinking: i've been boyfriend-less officially since august, or july, and i've proven to myself that i can survive without the security blanket of a committed relationship. kudos to me. but believe me, if a certain someone asked a certain question, i'd definitely be in a different place.
so tonight was a truly memorable night. naquan and i have reached some high levels in our relationship, and we a both content. very, very content. content to the point where i'm getting chills just thinking about it. we slept in each other's arms; something i haven't done in a while. i needed that. he's a really great guy, and i really do like him. that's all i'm saying about him for now.

nakeya; new photographer. we've been conversing since three this afternoon about anything and everything. she's cool.

i definitely drank a sixteen ounce can of redbull at around 9pm, like i don't have to go to sleep to get up for work in the morning. i'm finally getting hours. danny's such a prick for no apparent reason. my availability's definitely as flexible as it can be on the weekends, yet, this mo'fo' has had me on call for the past month. back to the job hunt.

bed time.

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