Monday, March 2, 2009


randomness. yet again.

i threw down on seventeen gramatically correct pages of journalistic goodness on YSL and american apparel. those papers are due tuesday. i'm definitely prepared. i'm tired, but i'm wide awake. weird.

i've had this pic of lily allen saved for a minute. this is tempting me to chop my hait off again.

my little brother, jaime, turned twelve on tuesday. he's as tall as domi.i hooked up with them after stopping in midtown for a few minutes. during my rant to dom after a little altercation with a certain member of the male species that i'm not allowed to speak of because he's weird, jaime puts his two cents in: "...maybe he's just not that into you..." no wonder he's my little brother. we went looking for sneakers to fit his big ass feet last weekend after my shoot, but he's out of kids sizes now, and we weren't up for dropping $90 at damn foot locker, so the night ended at skylight diner. i enjoyed my last burger, because i'm officially back to my vegetarian ways. mommy fried mahi mahi for me today. and i ate so much dahl, you'd think i was indian.

stussy x hellz bellz!

i only want this tee:

i've meant to touch this topic for quite some time now, but never got around to it. my booskie, nakeya, got this sexy ass tat.

it says "The Essence of all things beautiful..." it's so simple, i love it.

friday night was the black people's show at columbia. it was hectic as hell, as all my shows are, but it was successful, none the less. i have six or seven more shows before june, with shoots here and there in between. i'm doing a shoot for a salon this weekend. friday morning's the hair prep. i'm getting a weave!

daddy's leaving on wednesday for barbados. he won't be back until june. shit. fuck. ugh.

happy birfday danny!

since i'm so damn wide awake, i need to go draw something . .

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