Monday, March 16, 2009


so let's boogie.

i've officially popped my clubbin' cherry. i did jessica's show at the china club and i stayed for the after party. i was a bit trashed because i kept taking mike's drinks. naica, a bit more. and dimitri. and sarah. my wallet did get stolen, but above all else, the night was a blast.

so every one's heard about the new height requirement for cycle thirteen of america's next top model: 5'7" and under. i told my mom about it, and her being, well, her, she wasn't supportive at all. that partially led to my hiatus, but that's besides the point. so karla and i went to the open call. bitches came through looking like a hot ass mess! we waited on line for five hours, got about twenty feet away from the door, and the whole shit got shut down. yesterday was a crazy day--so crazy, it made the front page of the daily news. six injured, two hospitalized, three arrested, and i wasted my time. we dipped with the patty wagon came. karla and i had fun, though. when you get tired of talking to each other, you always speak to whoever else is around, and the conversations are always interesting. the funniest part: during one of the rushes, i got pushed really hard and slammed into a pole, and karla screams "you stupid bitches, stop tryina kill my friend!" i swear, i heart that chick.

mommy and i watched medea goes to jail today. last sunday, after my shoot, we watched W. and she taught me how to make popcorn in a cast iron pot, the way she did when she was a kid. mother dearest and i have the worst relationship, but moments like these, i do cherish.

i shot with slinky a few weeks ago. lookie lookie.

i saw my fat boy justin! my little fraggle. i can't wait until tricia moves around the corner.

i'm outtie. this cold is wearing me out.


RCVW-Worldwide said...

...looks like you had a dope weekend. that ANTM situation was wild, I was out there handing out promo stuff for my photography lmao.

MinaLo said...

AHHHHH love you and him, maybe a keeper?
prima that pic is so awesome.

Awesome Randomness said...

Looks like you had fun...and thats always good when you let out a little steam....thats nice with your mom...I also feel like when its bad its really bad and then when its good its soo know? moms...we love them and at times...yea lmao...I was also going to say that it was brave of you to try out for ANTM...I wanted to go...but because I dislike being in situations where there is a lot of people...I didnt. I start panicking with so many people and stuff...will you try out for the second round? I heard Tyra is going to do some more castings again in the same cities...