Monday, October 13, 2008


text a blog. i started this on saturday, i just never got around to posting it.


i'm on my way to shanice's baby shower. totally running on colored people time, when i'm usually unnecessarily early for everything.

so thursday night's first date was a success. yes, naquan had me waiting, but mta wasn't on his side, and the rest of the date defnitely made up for it. the first stop was the pool hall in park slope. apparantly, i'm not that bad at it. i hate making myself look like an ass, but it didn't feel too bad. and of course, i had on heels. then we strolled to nana. i had a serious craving for sushi, and he liked it. most guys aren't open to trying new things, so i was very please with his reaction. then we took the train to the museum and stood on the little bridge thingie at the top and talked. at about 11pm, we headed to the bus and he took the whole ride home with me. he walked me to my door, made sure i got in, all that good stuff. i couldn't have asked for a better first date.

of course, my mother being the mother she is, says every negative thing she can in reference to me dating. the funny part was her asking if music would have a problem with me seeing someone else. my mother's old fashioned, i guess she doesn't understand the concept of casual dating. but she got over it. at least i think she did. we spoke about the date itself a little more openly this morning as i ate my left over pad thai. she was a little more positive than usual, which is always good thing when it comes to this woman. she wants to meet him. scary thought, but it might not be so bad.


so yesterday was a weird day. no work, but i did have a serious talk with music about why things are the way they are between us. it’s confusing, and things aren’t looking to good—at least on my end. i always said if things took a turn for the worst between us, i wouldn’t be bitter about it. c’est la vie.

so my sunday was spent out of the house. i couldn’t stay home. after that talk, i had to leave; staying in the house, in my room, in my bed, would just eat away at me. my original plan was to go to the promenade. a phone call changed those plans. i ended up at washington square park with some very nice company. naquan and i walked from soho to union square, to flat iron, to chelsea, to midtown. we had pizza at palermo on spring and stopped at a million stores—which were all closed since it was 8pm on a sunday night. then he took me home, and the nosey little girl next door saw as he kissed me goodnight.

i don’t know what the plan for today is. we’ll see what comes up . . .

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