Thursday, October 16, 2008


i woke up about an hour ago. now i'm wide awake. i straightened my hair, downing another turkey sandwich, and watching real world/road rules. i have class at 2pm, then picking up naquan from work at 4pm. to finish the last post.

things between naquan and me are slowly progressing. if he's not busy being a sweetheart and a total gentleman, he's got me cracking up, talking about freakishly dark people sweating mud and crying oil. he treats me good, and everything's not so serious all the time. we can have pointless conversations on the phone, or just sit there in silence until one of us pops up with a random thought. he's never complained about taking me home at night. i've never had to ask him to, which is great. he walks me to my door every night. que cute.

kay approves of him. we were at his job on monday for about three hours. he made us [well, me] a whole bunch of drinks, and kay and i just sat there and talked a bunch of bullshit and reflected on my last failed relationship and how naquan's proven already that he's more of a man than robert will ever be.

about to lay down until i knock out . . .

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