Sunday, October 26, 2008


midterms starting tomorrow! i should be studying, but i’m not. instead, making a stop at procrastination station.

sasha and i hung out on thursday. starbucks, as usual. [at least for me] naquan left about an hour into our visit, but we were busy planning sasha’s twenty first birthday party, so we stayed. the joke of the night: i hold weight because i get free coffee. i died laughing. then we got barked on my professor chime after class for talking. that was even funnier.

friday, i re-cut my hair. not much, just a little off the top to add that extra spike that was there when i first got the cut done. then i walked around the house with a homemade mayo conditioner in my hair, while i cooked mac and cheese and fried chicken. by 5pm, the pre-shoot rituals began: i ate my last meal, went to work on my hair, and packed the essentials.

i shot with carl chislom yesterday at loft 406, the yume space. barber razors and dark makeup made for an interesting concept. his wife and image consultant, priya, was a doll. i wouldn’t mind working with them again. my darling sasha has another shoot under her stylist belt: bcbg and steve madden. the shoot was pretty simple and short; we were in and out in less than two hours. naquan was supposed to come after he got off work at 6:45, but we finished before then, so i headed back up there to meet him. it was the typical bus ride home: starbucks in hand, him holding me, and us talking about whatever could come to mind.

things are going good between us, and i'm in no position to complaing. that's just the way i like it.

when i got home last night, i ate and laid in bed. i’ve been in bed ever since. i love days off. i laid in bed and ate homemade sticky rice and baked macaroni and cheese. weird combination, i know, but that’s what happens when your mother’s a caribbean chink. i ate a lot today. no shoots for about a week or two, and yesterday left me famished.

hAPPY biRfDAY to my ciara--october 29th. we’ve been down for each other since we were five. we have our moments where we want to stab each other, but she’s damn near family to me. nothing will ever change that.

cory b.! she’s blonde! and losing weight! of course, i love the skinny people more. she did the party city corporate halloween party last night. cyndi lauper was in the house!

back to studying...after i eat again =]

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