Sunday, February 1, 2009


i need to clean today. seriously. i can never maintain my room.

birthday in two days. adding more to the wishlist:

no words =]

my wifey on a tee. i have no idea who made it though.

m.o.b. because i'm a m.o.b.

i shot with simon gerzia on saturday. cool guy. quick and easy shoot. nice studio set up in williamsburg on varet street. here's some of his work:

after the shoot i headed over to trav and kay's. this may be an odd picture, but i laid in their queen size bed with them and ate pizza for the rest of the day. kay left and went clubbing with the girls, i stayed, ate chinese food, and passed out. trav woke my ass up around midnight and i took a cab home. i love my best friend. sometimes.

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