Friday, February 13, 2009


so i'm watching abdc while i blow out my hair and i swear--beat freaks gave me chills! fly khicks have been in the bottom a hell of a lot. shouldn't that tell you something?

*i'm literally writing this as i'm watching it, in between commercials and blowing out chunks of this mop on my head.

philly cheesesteak and brownie cheesecake date with my queen manny in a few hours. i haven't seen this fool in a while.

oh no.. my cloggers are in the bottom. they better send fly khicks home.

ok so dynamic edition disappointed me.
and so did fly khicks.

what the fuck was the point of that?

well fly khicks' chair splits were good.

fly khicks made it through. after seeing both performances, i would've expected that, too.

more online tv. roxy's coming home tonight. today will be a long day..

quest crew didn't amaze me this week, but they were entertaining. i still love them because hok is there. only real danciees know where he's from.

strikers all stars were cute. their performance wasn't amazing, like it always is, but i'm mind boggled about their illusion.

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