Tuesday, February 3, 2009


*this video was done this morning. i was trying to post if before i left for school, but the shit was taking to damn long to load . .

so happy birfday to me!

not really. today felt like any other day. here's the run down:

  • physics lab
  • laid in bed with the boobie
  • picked up my dress
  • went to mood with jessica
  • went to the studio
  • ate strawberry cheesecake from juniors
  • ate a chicken burrito from yummy taco
  • slept [all of this was at the studio]
  • watched tv for about five hours with travis and kay

this morning i got my card from mommy and daddy. i sure as hell teared up like a little bitch, but guess what--ask if i give a fuck!

now i'm home and i feel like shit. my nose is sore from blowing the shit out of it, and i'm sleeping alone tonight. definitely not my intention. this cold/flu thing better bounce before saturday . .

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