Sunday, September 28, 2008


text-a-blog. haven't done one of these in a while.

i'm on the downtown d train and i'm tired like fuck. i spent some much needed time with music last night after work. red bull, smirnoff, turkey hot dogs, and the cosby show until i fell asleep--he fell asleep first. instead of laying in bed with him, i'm off to work, wearing the same clothes i wore yesterday: in true morning after fashion.

what i didn't know is there will be a halloween party at work, and a costume contest. i'm not up for the contest, so adding to the list of potential costumes: a cabaret dancer and a ballerina. cat woman's out--christina already claimed it. this is my first halloween dressing up and whatnot. having a pentecostal mother is never fun in cases like these. boogie said all of my previous costume ideas aren't original. this is true, but hey, c'est la vie.

little brat cousin's birthday was yesterday. happy belated chevon.

i'd love some pancakes and bacon right about now. pork bacon. music only eats turkey bacon, so i was stealing some off his plate, but it's not like the swine. i might just settle for a raisin bagel with cream cheese and jelly from m & o.

kay and i got over that fight [finally], i finally saw my best friend after how long, and dave the dj's back in the picture. well, to be back, you'd have to once be there. shit, he's around, leave it at that. he's leaving to go spin in europe for a month on thursday, so i intend on seeing him one of those days i have no class. yea, i have no class. for 3 days. go me. between now and thanksgiving, i'll have quite a few days off, and i'm not mad at all.

free crib in december! the parental units are getting a beach house for their anniversary and spending christmas in barbados. party? potentially. it seems to be the perfect opportunity for my black party, since we know i hate white. now, who can i get to dj...?

2:30. going over the bridge. left work early. i barely worked this week, but i just didn't feel like being there for much longer. i'm usually like that when i'm in a bad mood but today, i'm just glowing. my spirits are just too high to be trapped at adi-land.

my cory b. has a blog! i can't wait to go to dallas.

i've made up my mind. cabaret it is!

4:25. bonding with the bestie . . .

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