Monday, September 1, 2008


so i did my usual “text the blog” thing, and for some reason, the whole shit got deleted—highly upsetting. i was really in the zone with that one, too. so here it is in a nutshell . . .

no work, so i went up town. spent the day with music. took a few naps, then finally ended up at my ruth’s. mac and cheese with lemonaide. got home freakishly early this morning, like after 3am. maybe almost 4am. i over slept, couldn’t do a damn thing with my hair from all the hair spray in it, constantly throwing it into messy buns, and using it as a pillow at music’s, which knotted it with this odd dread-like resemblance. i brushed that shit out with no remorse, and ended up with pin curls. that was horrible. got to work about three minutes late, and m&o was closed, so i basically digested a twelve ounce can of red bull, half a bag of pretzels, and a grande iced vanilla latte. now I’m at home with a freakishly full belly, which is nauseating me as much as that mac and cheese did.

my puti’s mad at me. or disappointed. something of that nature. i’m supposed to be a single woman. technically, i am. i didn’t go out and venture to find someone to keep me company—someone fell into my lap. if it works, great; but if not, then hey, it was fun while it lasted. it’s just nice to have someone want to give you a kiss from time to time or hold you at night. i’m fond of affection; hold my hand, hug me randomly and spin me around until i get dizzy, anything to show me that there’s some type of attraction, it’s cool. now, as much as I love sarah, that just doesn’t make my cookie crumble. i guess that’s the difference between us [since there are hardly any at all] she’s found that person. i’m still weeding out the bad ones—or just the ones that aren’t as capable as i’d like them to be.

this blog was definitely supposed to be a lot better. i’m just too tired, and my forehead may potentially be turning purple. time to wash this business out . . .

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