Tuesday, September 9, 2008


the hat i bought a few weeks ago. i love it. turned a few heads. broke a few necks. felt quite fly, if i do say so myself.
so i got a write up yesterday. i was prepared to spill all the details, but i don't have the energy. music and i spoke about it for a while. he went into detail about the upper echelon of retail, and how being penalized the way i did was reasonable. i'm definitely not saying it wasn't. i guess i'm just a little upset.
i went home sick today. stress, malnourishment, and the sucky weather today just added to it. i really need to get on lyrica or cymbalta or something. so now i'm laying in bed, watching all mu cwtv shows. no homework tonight, since i did my assignment due tomorrow on the train this morning. gossip girls, 90210, and america's next top model will be keeping me company until music gets home from school.
weirdness. i just feel like laying here, singing at the top of my lungs, and crying.
so i ate half a chicken burrito from chipotle and a beef patty from golden crust today. i'm debating whether i need to eat again for the night. yesterday i ate four bags of chips, a cupcake, a bag of gummy bears, a bottle of nantucket lemonade, a yogurt, and a pack of twix. oh yea--gotta love my diet.
s and a? eh--s and c? maybe. i heart you sano . . .

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