Tuesday, September 2, 2008


finished shooting with fanklin thompson. amazing work. he's doing a project called "other"; a series of black and white portraits of people of mixed ethnicity. the title is inspired by school forms, job applications, surveys, and other things we fill out, requiring us to choose our race or ethnicity. for some people, there are no clear choices, and they are forced to choose "other". we all know i hopped on that quick. i dragged sarah along, which definitely turned out to be a good thing, because she got involved. this is my babiee in action:

my shots were great. it was with polaroids, which was really cool, and made for an interesting display of his concept. for the first time, i managed to get a full frontal shot, and the eye contact was amazing. the shots will be in a few art galleries around the world. i'm excited. so back in business.

talking to miss ebony of goldmine productions--my fellow trini-venezuelan. cool girl. her show's next week. i hope all goes well. sarah and i have to give her the initiation: le basket mac and cheese. [we all know how sarah and i feel about that business.] that's where we take the new comers. ha. we're cool.

i saw my best friend for the first time in eons. he's one of the most influential men in my life--don't think he knows that, though. i missed that fucker so much. we need to bond more, i know. i'm not saying it's impossible. i'm just on my grind. i need to get to work with my life. but he's a major factor in it, regardless.

i'm in the library. waiting for my principles of supervision class with music at 7:30. then off to the bronx to peep places with him and rog.

i'm craving chipotle. shit.

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