Thursday, September 18, 2008


yes i'm sick.

yet again.

the fibro's flaring up.
for those who don't know, google it. i'm definitely not in the mood for explanations. [or maybe i've just explained it too many times. either way, go enlighten yourself.]

aside from the fibro, i'm cramping like a bitch. i'm sitting on the library floor with my shoes off & a thermo-pack heating pad thing strapped on me like a bomb. just a few more days...

umm; so what's new...

the family went to the hosue upstate last weekend, so i decided to have girls' night. kay flopped, as usual, annd sarah came out of pitty? dunno, but it led to a fight by monday, about how "it's not about me" and my dried chicken breasts i made for dinner. [if i have the idea to host any type of gathering, stop me. please.]

shanice is pregnant! she and andre are having a baby-something! she doesn't want to know, but andre does. i spent about a hour in barnes and nobles looking at baby name books to get her. shannon ava. [her choice, not mine, so ha] their shower's in two weeks. that's enough time to get a gift from her registry, an outfit for myself, and my hair and nails done. i spent the majority of friday night on the phone with her while she craved thai food from lemongrass and waited for andre to bring it home. i love her to bits. i'm so excited.

i made my week! [just had to let that be known.]

today's youth just upsets me. my goodness. within the past few days, i've managed to come across some of the most disgusting types of young adults i have ever seen in my life. these two girls were passing this pint bottle of some alcoholic substance back and forth, screaming "chug," on a train at 7:30 in the evening, while discussing methods of 'fucking him up.' am i the only one that sees something wrong with this picture? i literally shook my head in disappointment. that reminded me of a time back in high school, while i was on the train with my friends going home after school, there was a group of girls who were extremely loud and rowdy. my friends got off the train to transfer to a different line, but i stayed on, since i was the only one that lived on that side. as the train pulled into the station at the last stop, an older woman, probably in her mid-late forties, scooted over next to me and said "i'm glad to see you and your friends aren't like them." that felt really good. being classified with people that think it's remotely attractive to carry on in a train, at any time of day, is the mark of a downfall in your life. mental suicide? potentially.

my biffle, cory b. i'm in desperate need of a cory hug. i hearts you.

more pain. my shoulders are killing me. off to class.

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