Tuesday, September 2, 2008


so how about i read the schedule completely wrong and showed up for my shift two hours early. highly upset--again.

the journey to work was disgusting. people use labor day as an excuse to galavant around half naked, with flags covering vital organs. the funniest thing was watching this man on the train konked out from jurvet. don't get me wrong; i'm all for nationalism and caribbean pride--sweet, sweet t & t, oh how i love up mi country--but half of those in attendance, excluding white european tourists, probably don't even know wha it's all about.

there were two french customers inquiring about the festivities yesterday. i warned them about the dangers of following trucks and drunken partying. remotely frightening to them, quite amusing to me.

my millz is leaving in the morning. fuck. i heart you lady =]

classes tomorrow, shooting with franklin at 5 in williamsburg. it's definitely sleepy time . .

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