Sunday, September 21, 2008


today was a hella long day. kinda tried something new with my hair [curls - hair spray = me likey much], got a well needed fill-in [definitely need a polish change though], rushed to work for 4pm and managed to clock in four minutes early, had an amazing lunch [turkey, cheddar, and bacon on a roll, baked lays--as usual--pepperidge farm soft baked oatmeal raisin cookies, and a dr. brown's black cherry soda], worked until damn near 10pm, and--with the help of my friends once again--surpassed my week but $300+. i love how everyone's on team ava.

tomorrow's another day at dassler's world. almost everything in the store is on sale people. sales at my store make me happy. not only is everything thirty percent off, but i get an extra thirty percent off from my employee discount. i literally got my sleeks for like forty bucks. it's crazy how people are stacking up. the u.p.t's amazing, but at the end of the day, your a.d.s is shot to hell because of the sale.

i missed bianca's birfday on the 17th, melanie's is coming on the 22nd, and chan'nel's is on the 27th. there--it's officially posted, because i'm bound to forget again.

i have a poll! ha! vote people!

so the hair. i'm really starting to follow in my millzie's footsteps and embrace the volume. it captures the ethnicity and eccentricity. i love it.

back to giggle tomorrow. more baby presents for shanice. i've narrowed down my choices of outfits for her shower. maybe we'll do lunch this week. i'll hit her up tomorrow about it.

wait, i think i have a lunch date with chris this week? maybe? i really think i do though.

bed time . . .

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