Monday, January 12, 2009


laying in bed. as usual.

i'm looking for tutorials on how to make a tutu. sid wants to shoot me in a poofy skirt mixed with some type of androgyny, and i want a tutu anyway. i need to go to the fabric district to get my tulle. i'm thinking black, hot pink, and purple. but mainly black. it's so convenient because it's literally a block away from sid's studio.

the birthday madness is in full effect. jessica, letrice, and i went fabric shopping on saturday to get my dress started. i finished the sketch [in color] last night. i showed a few people and they love it. as for everyone else: you'd just have to wait until the pics from that night are posted.

el has me super hype about my birthday now. i'm waiting to see what's in this infamous survival kit she's giving me.

sid and i are going on a real date this week. this should be fun.

back to birthday planning . .

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