Sunday, January 25, 2009


birthday in eight days. just give me red velvet cake and some good lovin' and i'll be content for that day. that weekend is when the excitement comes into play. yay for turning twenty one!

spent friday night at sids, left saturday afternoon, and headed home to get ready to meet kay and ames. we were supposed to go to the restaurant for my birthday, just to check it out, then throw down on some jackson hole burgers. but these fools were at the salon [kay know looks like cleopatra] and never charged phones, so we never made it to either restaurant. instead, we piled up at their apartment in east new york and played spades and high taboo.

the cat and dog were trying to kill eachother. i swear that was the highlight of my night:

i'm exhausted. i'm hungry. that's a bad combination =\

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