Monday, January 19, 2009


hAPPY biRfdAY martin luther king jr. today will be spent doing absolutely nothing. birthdays are meant to relax--even if it's not my own. eating, watching every show i can find online, talking to sidney when he has a break, drawing, eating some more maybe?

last friday, shanice had the little munchkin! andre avery spaulding jr.

daddy might be going back to barbados. i'm a bit depressed. there aren't many influential men in my life. it's always been my godfather, daddy, the boyfriend, and the best friend. poppy died when i turned nineteen and travis and i are kinda shakey. when daddy goes, sid's left. i just have a lot to deal with, i guess.

boogie finally hit the jackpot with the adi shoots and ladders. an epic moment in wooster history.

sid and i finally went on our first date. it was so cute the way it happened. when he first asked me out, he said he was taking me to soy, then we'd go to the bakery around the corner for red velvet cupcakes. so monday night, i met him at the studio and while we were walking to the train and he asked if i was hungry and wanted to go to soy. we ate, drank, and got the mean case of the itis. then he looks up at me and asks if i want red velvet cake. i swear i couldn't stop smiling. i blushed like crazy. the bakery was closed, but our first date was amazing. it's funny how obsessed i was with finding something to wear, and i ended up wearing an oversized american apparel tee, chucks, my hair was in a bun, and i had on no make-up. but none the less, he thinks i'm g o r g e o u s . . .

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Monique said...

Hey I am a frequent reader and I was wondering what ever happended to Naquan?