Tuesday, January 20, 2009


a faithful reader, monique, commented on my last post, asking about naquan. [insert theatrical *dum dum dum* sound here]


now monique, when i tell you i almost fell off the bed out of laughter, i don't think you'd believe me. not because of the question itself, but more because i was thinking the same thing this morning; how he randomly disappeared from my posts. well it's simple. he did it to himself. i definitely have the tendency to act like shit's honkey dorey and sugar coat everything, but the truth is, we've been on shaky ground since november. i only post good thing--shame on me--but eh, c'est la vie. so there's drama going on with his ex, which he swears up and down is no longer there, and he's involved in some activity that i'm far from comfortable with. sidebar: yes, it's illegal, hence the discomfort. and his frame of mind isn't ready for a relationship. it's as simple as that.

but thanks a lot for the concern monique. keep reading; more ignorant drama is soon to come. maybe . . .

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