Friday, January 30, 2009


the first full week of school is officially over. i love professor pritchett for my fashion buying and textile classes. she's from brooklyn, a fashion industries alum, and she's so hood. physics is hell. they're considering this a science course for non-science majors. he definitely sounds like the guy in the wheelchair from family guy, and it's the hardest thing in the world to concentrate in that class when i can only think of stewie. college algebra and trigonometry is hell. dr. hill. he's this southern gentleman type and always quotes songs. in last night's class, he quote, "i get by with a little help frmo my friends" and "the beat goes on." on top of that, i have to take the cpe and the computer literacy exam in order to graduate, which is in may. i just hope to get through this semester on a wing and a prayer; but wings break and prayers go unanswered, so then what?

birthday in less than a week. four days to be exact. i want these too:

the coralines =]
for my new itouch [mommy said she's getting it for me]
hello kitty for mac. i want it all!
a good pair of fetish shoes. these specifically . .

so i watched last night's episode of america's best dance crew online this morning. i'm happy team millennia got the boot. fly khicks needs to follow. and so does ringmasters. so what if they're from brooklyn. i just can't take watching their routines. i was disappointed with dynamic edition this week, and surprisingly, strikers all-stars didn't amaze me the way i expected to be. beat freaks and quest crew definitely did it for me.

bad news. no itouch. just spoke to mommy, and she told me she wants to get it, but we definitely don't have the money. i haven't cried since the last time i posted i did, but i am now. not because i'm not getting it, because the first time she told me no, i accepted it and moved on, but because she was so sad when she told me. i haven't worked in two weeks, so who knows if i'm even going out next weekend. i'm starting to regret getting that dress made. this is exactly why i didn't want to do a damn thing for my birthday. some shit always gets fucked up . .


Monique said...

Those fetish shoes look like they hurt, but they are sexy.

Monique said...

o0o and u probably wondering who I am, Im just someone who loves bloggin and reading blogs