Thursday, July 24, 2008


things are weird. my boyfriend isn't really being a boyfriend at all right about now. that leaves me no choice but to continue my life the way i see fit. that's all i'm saying about it.
monday was work, then practice for the show.

tuesday, i laid in bed all friggen day.

wednesday, i hung out with sano. after she registered for classes, she came over, i did her hair, then we headed to the city. i dropped of that wretched maid of honor dress to korin at adidas, but got nothing done to it because i showed up there almost two hours later than she asked me to. then we went to my favorite art store, blick on bond street. i got a new sketch book, pencils, and erasers. then we headed back to my house, ate caribbean food—surprisingly, i actually craved it—and watched america’s best dance crew. she went home and i worked on finalizing my remodeling plans.

today, i laid in bed—again. i doodled in my sketch book, took a really good nap, did some more doodling, made chicken parmesan for mommy and i, and now i’m here.

tomorrow’s a potentially good day. i have to swing by korin at the store so she can measure the hem, then i’m hanging out with special kay and ames—and travis? i love my best friend dearly, but this is girls’ day damnit. so dinner at who knows where.

back to my sketch book.

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