Saturday, July 12, 2008


so i went to bed around 3 am. i was just awaken by friggen people banging on my house. fuck.

on a positive of the most amazing people i know. my lovely cory b.; dancer, choreographer, and one of my best friends. this bitch will be in my wedding. she so reminds me of kherington from so you think you can dance. we met at adidas, and from day one, we've been inseperable. my boobie's moving back to dallas. i'm heartbroken. she's leaving august 5th. she's the new dance teacher at centre for dance. at least robbie and i will have a reason to vacation down there. i do have cousins down there, but they're grown; they can come to new york. ugh; i'm soo missing my bizzle.

so until i figure out how to put the dame video up, here's the link for one. she's on the right in the grey.

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