Saturday, July 26, 2008


another retarded aim convo with eL:

eL: so.. i'll finallllly get my car backand no longer be home.
moi: you're never home anyway
eL: yeaa true, but on the weekends -- i used to wait til [my aunt] was done w. the car & shit.. not anymore. im just proud i lasted most of the summer w/o my whip. it really humbled me for a brief second, then i realized there are still cabs.
moi: lmao at your humbling experience
eL: lmao. when i had to take the bus, that was the first time in 5 yrs. thank god the metrocard has directions on how to put it in. cuz i was so lost . . . i called shayna & she told me to look on the damn metrocard -- it says it there. and i was like ohhh shit.

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