Tuesday, July 8, 2008


i guess i’m somewhat the spoiled brat. i guess i have it remotely easy. financially, my life isn’t as lavish as some people think, but i get by. i have a roof over my head and somewhere to sleep every night, food on the table, and clothes on my back.

so i spent the majority of the day crying—and sleeping, only because i kept crying myself back to sleep. my amazing future husband is going through a really hard time, and i feel so helpless because i can’t help him in the one way i want to. this is just so frustrating. i’ve been hit with the hard realization that life isn’t fair. because of everything going on, he might have to go back to pennsylvania and thinks he’ll end up leaving me behind in new york. allentown isn’t that far; we’ve taken the bus ride before to pick up zion. i’ll do it again, any time, if it means i can be with robbie. i love him and we’ll be together no matter what. here come the tears again.

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