Friday, July 18, 2008


for someone that went to bed at 4am, i sure am up pretty early. i have so much shit to do today, and i'm still in bed. procrastinating.

wednesday, i got off work at 4pm, even though i was scheduled until 3, and took my sweet ass time walking from soho, through noho, through the east village, to end up in the flatiron district. i was texting el the whole time, since she was under the dryer with rollos in her hair. i hit up sano; she and simone were in the area, so we headed over to stand on east 12th to grab something to eat. mini burgers are cool. they're literally two-bite burgers. no cheese. just a pickle and a meat patty. at least they put ketchup. and they have these toasted marshmellow milkshakes. i wasn't so amazed by the mere thought, so i tasted sano's. it's definitely an acquired taste. i was really confused by it. it tasted kinda sour? who knows. by the time i finally made it to the flatiron district it was 5:50. i had a meeting for the hair show. i met some of the new girls. not to thrilled about them. shanel calls me her prime meat and tends to run comments on the other models by me. ehh...

yesterday i did not a damn thing. all day. i was very pleased with my productivity. i watched tv on my laptop, took a long ass nap, and cleared mad shit from my checklist for the wedding.

today's quite grand for me. dinner date with my best friend-in law. she's leaving work early so we can cook and be fat. shrimp and pasta and ice cream; oh my! we're going to the beach tomorrow with her sisters. her pasty ass needs some sun, and i need some more color for the wedding. so i have to clean my bathroom and put away the laundry in the basement so i won't have to worry about it tomorrow.

random thought: i need to take my dress to the tailor around the corner.

my darling boyfriend, how i miss him so. things aren't really getting easier for him. i speak to him here and there. i spoke to him for a bit today, until his sidekick went idle. i hate that. he said he misses me. i just wish things didn't have to go down the way they did. i may not see him for a while, which is ok with me, i guess, as long as he's alive and has somewhere to sleep at night, which is the main problem that started this shit. who knows what will happen next. allentown bound?

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