Thursday, July 10, 2008


as i sit up in bed and eat my left-over organic mac and cheese—yes, that exists—i’m mentally preparing myself to spend the day with the man i call my boyfriend. last night, i had one of my teary-eyed, epiphany-like moments; i know plenty of people what want what robbie and i have, and i’m so grateful and happy to have him in my life. he came back to his grandparent’s house to pack some of his stuff, so i swung by. it was more of a ten minute troop; it was pouring, and you’d think that the big ass umbrella i had would keep my dry. if it wasn’t so big and kept getting stuck in trees, plus it was hot like molasses and ass so i was sweating, i might have been decent. but instead of robbie seeing me for the first time in two weeks with dry, silky hair—i had a frizzy, curly bun, and my clothes were soaked. he noticed the weight i lost. he had the most hilarious reaction; he touched my stomach and said "oh shit! it's gone!" as retarded as he is, no wonder i love him.
i’m done stuffing my face. time to get ready. pics coming tonight.

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