Thursday, July 3, 2008


this is about the 20th blog i've started; definitely exaggerating, but you get the point.. i've tried to digress from the typical "it's all about me" blog that i'm so well known for and blogged about everything else. as a dancer/event planner/writer/reality televison whore, it was fun to keep you updated from time to time about the colorful box of crayons i call the world, but i fought the urge to discuss my personal life, which left me no choice but to keep everything bottled inside. i tend to be a ticking time bomb once that happens, and that definitely is the worst thing possible. So here i am, yet again, blogging my life away. another introduction? ehh; seems appropriate. they only get better as time goes by…

ava-marie. sounds somewhat boughie, i know. people have often mistaken me for a white girl—until they see my face and see a bronzed chink. brooklyn born—a true city girl at heart. a dancer since the age of 4, until life hit me with some bullshit called fibromyalgia—look it up. my mother wanted one of those cultured children: ballet class and piano lessons every week. the piano, i got tired of, but ballet, i resent her for letting me quit the first time. i’ve spent quite a while trying to find myself—to figure out who ava-marie really is. at 19, this bothered me, but now at 20, i quite frankly don’t give a shit if i should have figured out what to do with my life. it’ll come to me, eventually. you know, the fact that i can admit that just showed me that i have some sense of an identity. i’m high maintenance, a shopaholic, insecure, open minded, classy, a rebel, contradictory; the list can go on for a while. but those who know me, love me, and those who don’t—tough shit.

i have a very small circle of friends; it’s actually more of some other shape with corners, because my friends rarely intermix. to go into detail about them would be a waste of 3 precious minutes of my life, so i won’t. they’ll all appear about 20 times throughout the summer.

i can go on forever with this intro, but i don’t want to…

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