Friday, July 25, 2008


gucci glasses on. blah blah blah. i spent the day in the city with my cousins. yes, i was supposed to be with ames, kay, and trav—yes, kay was bringing trav—but ames promised her guy friend she’d hang out with him, and kay and trav, having no phones, never showed up? ehh . . . so i was with the fam: my older cousin, candice, her daughter, chevon, and chevon’s friend, danee. we went to my job to get my check, and chevon and danee copped some kicks, then i bought this really cute mini dress from forever 21 for the reception. we walked around soho some more, i cursed some lady out in the guess store for cutting the line—so out of my character—and danee got a dress for some sweet sixteen she’ll be attending on sunday. from soho, we ended up in the west village at marc jacobs, my safe haven. robert has me so upset; i bought another pair of flip flops and a bute bubble ring. [do understand that the amount of money that i deserve to have spent on me, his ass can’t afford to. of course, i can do it for myself—but never do. when we first started dating, i usually paid for everything; but that’s definitely a whole other blog to come.] i bought myself something that i really didn’t need, which usually does the trick. then we headed to starbucks to use their bathroom, and ended flipping on the frap-making-people for being such fuck-ups. the train ride home was the funniest. i was so sleepy, i was delirious. i was bouncing around, grabbing headphones, dancing on train doors and expressing the inner stripper in me. now i'm laying in my bed, admiring my purchases, and dreading the next few purchases i'll be making, since they're solely for the wedding on friday.

just agenda blogging for now—definitely not in the mood to blog about my feelings for this half-assed boyfriend i have and how much i miss his amazing son.

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