Sunday, August 10, 2008


i’m slowly starting to feel better about things. tomorrow would have been another anniversary without robert, but i’m fine. the only things I need to worry about is my money, school, and my friends—the only things that have proven to make me happy.

i sold $112 worth of product today. i have officially met my absolute worst. two friggen jackets—and one of the fuckers was on sale.

i’m still reflecting on the hair show. i’ve never seen so much weave and jamaicans in one place. shanel said she wants to use me for her shows in the future. it’s important to her, and I like making people happy. She’s a really cool, down to earth person. [we’re going to see pineapple express.] i finally went to bed around 5am and woke up at 11am. i so needed to go back to sleep, but i got called into work. i’m tired now, actually.

a white guy made an amusing attempt to talk to me earlier at the bus stop. i’m undecided on whether he got a whiff of my new found sense of i’m the shit-ness, or if it was the purple hair. i was on the phone with steve and I couldn’t help myself but to laugh.

so i’ve rekindled things with my jamillzie [hearts.] funniest convo of the night;

moi: i miss youuuu
moi: i started talking to my stuffed stitch because i thought u wouldn’t speak to me
millzie: ya stuffed stitch? fuq is dat.
moi: stitch from lilo & stitch
moi: my favorite cartoon character
moi: come on man, keep up with the times
millzie: lol nuccas use to say i looq like him.
moi: niggas used to call me lilo
moi: we're made for each other

we’re hanging out before she goes back to massachusetts in september. i’ll probably go visit her this fall. it’s only four hours away [the absolute longest four hours, might i add.] i can’t believe i stopped talking to her because of kemar. actually, i can believe it. that’s just the way things have to be when it comes to keeping up acquaintances with people that only know me through him.

my project 365 started today; a pic a day for a year—a whole year. this should be fun.

i don’t really have much to say tonight. i keep struggling with this damn purple track in the front of my head though . . .

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