Tuesday, August 12, 2008


just thinking about how much of a bitch i can be. well, not really a bitch; it would just be amusing to add up all the money i've spent during my relationship. hundreds of dollars, i'm sure. a trip to allentown, olive garden [twice], silver spurs, movies for him and his cousin, metro cards, starbucks . . . [yes, i really just named a whole bunch of shit.] one of these days, I’ll be bored enough to dig for receipts and add everything up; maybe make an i.o.u. and save it for whenever the bastard decides to resurface.

there was this girl sitting next to me on the train tonight. she had an absolutely huge overbite. she'd be a decent looking girl, if it wasn't for her mouth.

i need money; bills are piling up. [fuck]

hAPPY biRfDAY eL. the funniest convo with this bitch at like one am:

eL: i honestly forgot how old i was just now until i read my bestest's away.
eL: like i know everyone was sayin happy bdayy -- but i jus forgot how old i am.
moi: that’s how you know you’re old as fuck
eL: i need a drink.
eL: brb.
moi: wait, you’re really gonna get a drink?
eL: yeaa -- we got vibes in the house.

then six minutes later . . .

eL: LMAO i’ve never made a margarita so fast in my life.
eL: i thought i heard my aunt coming.
eL: smh tasted horrible.
moi: what would she have said if she caught you?
eL: why are you drinking alone?
moi: because it’s my birfday?
eL: she feels thats what acholics do.
moi: its a celebratory drink
eL: yeaa.

purple hair this week; for real, for real. i’m so excited. jason and i went to ricky’s to get ultra violet manic panic, along with a new lip gloss and a whole bunch of color gloss samples [having a ricky’s manager as an ex-boyfriend and really good friend can seriously come in handy.] hopefully,i don’t have to go to work so i can get it done. but i still have to do dominique’s weave in the morning—sewn in. then i have to do roxanne’s this weave this weekend—another sewn in job. she was supposed to be coming to new york tomorrow, but she has to get finger prints done for her new job on friday, so she’ll be here saturday. my sister comes sunday night. i have to get her from the airport after my store meeting. let’s see how she reacts to the color . . .

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