Wednesday, August 27, 2008


after watching mirror with the girls, being on the train alone is not advised. fuck you, diz & millz.

dinner at le basket: mac and cheese, vegetable won tons, red skinned potatoes, sesame chicken, and california rolls. dustin sat behind sarah the whole time. i knew it was him, i just didn't make it obvious. i had the biggest crush on this dude back in the seventh grade. it was patheric. he gave me his number. this should be amusing.
train ride up to forty duce to go to the movies. i would've loved to see vicky christina barcelona or sisterhood of the traveling pants 2--but no. they made me watch mirrors. the absolute scariest movie of the year. [at least for me, since i refuse to watch those shits.] they kept referring to my vain ass the whole time, and i was definitely scared shitless to see my reflection in anythng for a while. but coldstone definitely cleared that up. cheesecake fantasy, courtesy of millz.

nasty, ruthless ass spicks. my good, must they act up on the train. i'm all for pda, but this was just over the top. you'd think these were teenagers or little kids i'm talking about, but these two were grown ass people. shorty was sucking the spit out of his mouth, then i see her foot flying in the air and she's straddled over him, sucking the capillary vains out of his neck. i mean, it was just horrible.
on the phone with dustin. nice convo [hearts]

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